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International Laser Hair Transplant | ILHT Surgery Center Dubai

ILHT International is a hair loss treatment center for both men and women solely dedicated to hair transplant services and hair loss prevention.

The process of Hair Transplantation is not new. In fact, the first successful hair transplant was performed over half a century ago. The basic principle of hair transplantation was coined, stating that the transplanted hair continues to display the same characteristics of the hair from which it was taken. It other words, healthy hair that is harvested from the “donor dominant area” at the back and sides of the scalp, and that is transplanted to the balding area at the top of the head will continue to grow as if it were in its original location. For years, hair transplants were performed using the original 4-mm grafts sizes, which is the size of a pencil eraser. This was the hair transplant standard for many years, making a natural result virtually impossible. Since those initial efforts, the procedure of hair transplantation has changed significantly with the development of techniques to decrease the size of the plug. Eventually leading to the transplantation of individual grafts, the result is a completely natural look. Dr. Sajjad Khan is one of the major contributors towards that change. "Life is more exciting and more fulfilling when you make the right choices. Accept only the best and embrace change."