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ILHT Dubai is a hair loss treatment center for both men and women solely dedicated to hair transplant services and hair loss prevention.

Dr. Sajjad Khan received the world’s first fellowship training in hair restoration surgery in 1991-92 under the guidance of Dr. Dow Stough, a pioneer in the field. However, Dr. Khan had begun his ground-breaking research in the 1980s, when he was teaching human anatomy to medical students.  Dr. Khan was the first to study the close relationship between facial features of different ethnicities to their own unique hairline patterns.  This work equipped him with a remarkable talent for hairline recreation and a technical prowess that has led to many of his innovations becoming accepted as best practices in the field today.

In recent years, Dr. Khan’s research has focused on how preventive and regenerative medicine can affect underlying health. Because Dr. Khan has a firm belief that healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp, he offers regenerative treatments to harness the power of your own body’s stem cells to rejuvenate the scalp, strengthen the hair and reduce hair loss.

Dr. Khan offers unique ways of evaluating your hair’s health using new techniques and treatments to strengthen or restore hair. You can choose the newest regenerative methods that suit your individual needs and lifestyle and, in most cases, you can confidently resume work the very next day without showing any signs of the procedure.

Because of Dr. Khan’s artistic skill and the ability of patients to quickly resume a normal lifestyle, many heads of state, royalty, elite athletes and top movie stars choose ILHT for their hair restoration needs.

Celebrities and Hair Loss

Poets and artists have worshiped beauty for thousands of years. In fact, the concept of beauty is so well internalized in the human psyche that we are all naturally attracted to good-looking people.

Aditya Pancholi - ILHT Client

Celebrities are understandably concerned about hair loss because their hair reflects their perceived image and style. They often act early to stop or reverse hair loss progression, no matter how minimal it is.  Because their busy careers often don’t allow them freedom to take extended breaks, they come to Dr. Khan, whose unique techniques and artistry allow the majority to resume their normal schedules the very next day. In fact, many actors have resumed shooting movies the day following a treatment with no signs of the procedure.

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