Yes, Hair Transplant Works

Hair transplantation is an excellent viable method for the permanent hair restoration. The success rate of hair transplantation depends on many factors including skills of surgeon, methods of hair transplant and most importantly post-operative care.

The transplanted hair are taken from individual’s body which means tissues of the same body match that assures permanent growth of naturally growing hair. Most importantly, the donor hair are resistance to DHT hormone that causes hair to fall out. DHT Hormone-resistant hair once begin to grow, they will continue to do so for the lifetime.

Many people who undergo hair transplant have a misconception that as soon as the hair are implanted they will have a head full of dense hair. It’s not true. Considering it a bad procedure depending upon this misconception is nothing but the lack of knowledge. It takes ten to twelve months to have voluminous hair. After the surgery, the transplanted hair fall out within the first month. The new roots begin to sprout after three months of the procedure that will continue to mature gradually. Hair transplantation is expected to give undetectable outcomes without visible scars. Since the surgery is minimal invasive thus causing thousands of tiny scars that are healed and faded with time leaving you with naturally growing hair.

The procedure works but depends on the surgeon’s skills you choose. A hair transplantation surgeon is the one that ensures you the success rate by quality implements, check and balance and remain with you throughout the entire procedure. The desired natural outcomes can only be achieved under supervision and care of a qualified and specialized surgeon. So make the right choice when it comes to choosing the hair transplant surgeon. If you want to make your hair transplant work, you must consider points mentioned above to prevent any physical and psychological disturbance.