Men Hair Loss

Hair loss in men is mostly genetic. We have a choice to stop hair loss and even reverse it by using modern-day regenerative medicine, to make weak hair stronger. Even if significant hair loss has happened, the lost hair can be restored using natural follicular unit restoration techniques, while at the same time minimizing future hair loss. Approximately 50% of all men will experience hair loss during their lifetime and 90% of it is genetic—-

Men Hair Loss Treatments

Men Hair Loss Treatments For Long Lasting Androgenetic Male Pattern Hair loss:

We can divide men hair loss treatments into two major types

  1. Medical treatments
  2. Surgical treatments

Women Hair Loss

Women Hair Loss occurs in more than one pattern. If you are a woman with loss of scalp hair, you should seek professional advice from a physician hair restoration specialist. In most cases, female hair loss can be effectively treated. If you are a woman, who has started to lose scalp hair, you are not alone if

Women Hair Loss Treatments

The doctor should regard this possibility as the most likely and should look carefully for nutritional deficiencies. Micronutrient diagnostic tests detect the deficiencies in following essential hair nutrients, Water, Protein, Iron, Vitamin-A, C, D,  E, Zinc, Silica, Selenium, Copper, Magnesium,

Hair Longevity

An average lifespan is 75 years, but humans have the potential to live to 115. How do we make sure any added years are good ones?
People can live longer – and feel younger by hitting four benchmarks: