Hair Restoration consultation is more productive if the client does homework before seeking a consultation.

Client Preparation

  1. Read about causes of hair loss and hair restoration treatment options.
  2. Find out a Doctor who is Qualified in hair restoration field.
  3. Find out the Doctor experience in hair restoration field.
  4. Prefer to choose a Doctor whose practice is limited only in hair restoration.
  5. Prefer a Doctor who is not limited with only one technique fits all approach.
  6. Take few referrals from Doctor Office and ask about their experience.
  7. Meet in person with at least one client to see the results of your chosen Doctor.

During Consultation

Client Must Explain

  1. Client must express his or her Expectation and Goals.
  2. Client must ask how to protect existing hair from hair loss.
  3. Client should ask about which surgical option suits would best in his or her unique situation.
  4. Client should review lot of pictures.
  5. Client should ask about the surgical experience of Doctor team.
  6. Client should ask about pain reducing methods.
  7. Client should ask about use of microscopes in follicular units preparation.
  8. Client should ask about new advances in this field.

Physician Must Explain

After listening physician should communicate his or her knowledge which helps the unique needs of each client.

  1. Physician should explain cause of client hair loss and the FDA approved Medical options to prevent hair loss.
  2. Physician should explain the progressive nature of hair loss and limited ability to predict future hair loss.
  3. Physician should explain the permanence of restored hair line.
  4. Physician should provide the opportunity to examine his or her results by the client.
  5. Physician should examine Donor area and explain how many follicular units per cm sq are present. Greater than 60 FUs/ cm sq are considered good.
  6. Physician should explain the donor hair caliber. Hair caliber above 60 micron is considered good.
  7. Physician should provide the estimated number of follicular units required to achieve the client goals.
  8. Physician should draw the hairline and discuss in detail with the client.