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Hair transplant experience was immensely satisfying. Am happy to express this after 18 months. Feels good to have this natural look again. Periodic follow-up and personalized attention cupped with charming doctor and friendly staff completes this experience.

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Kabir Uppal

I am very pleased with my transplant! Although it was quite a painful procedure, it was certainly worth it. Its not an easy decision to make, but if you do decide to get one, Dr. Sajjad Khan definitely knows his job.

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Director - Satyani Fine Jewels

My experience with Dr Sajjad has been just outstanding !! He's just the best there is !! My results have been brilliant !! And it's always such a joy to meet him, he's a true gentleman and ever so helpful !! And so is his team, they are thoroughly professional and great at their job !!

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Aditya M.

I have never experienced such wonderful customer service. Dr. Khan and the ILHT staff were all focused on my comfort throughout the procedure. They followed up with me afterward to make sure I knew how to treat my newly transplanted follicles in those first few days, and I am seeing great results.

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I know Dr. Sajjad Khan is an exceptional hair restoration surgeon. If you’re going to have this done, why would you go anywhere else? You want to have the best.

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To anyone thinking about this procedure: ILHT is the place to do it. The moment you walk in the door there is a certain something about the people there. They have it -- that certain something -- and once you sit with them and talk you will get it and you will wonder why you did not do it sooner. The staff and Dr. Khan know their stuff, in my opinion, so go for it! Do not doubt your decision or waste another moment.

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As a 33-year-old guy I felt extremely self-conscious about my badly receding hairline and balding crown. I had no idea what options there were to treat this until a friend of mine underwent an FUE hair transplant and then took the time to discuss it with me. Seeing his results prompted me to investigate the procedure myself, and that investigation led me to Dr. Khan. I am so glad that I made this wise investment in my future. Thank you, Dr. Khan and staff, for giving me my confidence back!

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Sanjeev K.

I couldn't be happier with the results, and I would absolutely do the same thing over again. When you deal with Dr.Sajjad Khan and his team, you are dealing with the very best in the hair restoration field. My excellent results confirm that. I highly recommend ILHT and Dr. Khan!

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While I had heard about and seen some of the results of Dr. Khan's work, I was naturally far more impressed once I saw it for myself with my own hair. From the start of the process till now, the doctor and his team were very helpful - not in any way pushing the surgery but instead providing valuable advice and leaving the decision very much up to you.

I remember coming to the doctor more than a couple of times for a consultation and every time he was very kind and more than helpful. Even the surgery itself was done in a very professional manner with friendly staff.

The after surgery process also went very well and the team was always on hand to provide advice and assistance. If you are interested in getting a transplant, I would highly recommend Dr. Khan!

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I came back to Dr. Khan, after 2 years, not sure if I wanted to get it done at all. Having decided to go with the best, my next question was how soon, could I walk out of here without being uncomfortable and without anyone noticing. Pain and pain management was critical.

Long story short, I came in and once the doctor had finished the marking, I was totally convinced. The support staff is unbelievable, zero pain, not even the 1st injection, all the way till they finished at 9 pm, it was brilliantly handled. The entire team is excellent.

More than that it seemed like I had knocked off at least 10 years of my face. Brilliant. And that was just the 1st day.

Well worth it