Hair Transplant Permanent Solution Hair Loss Problems

Hair Transplant is conceded to be the most effective and permanent solution for all kinds of hair loss problems. Advancement in modern technologies has made it possible for hair loss victims to opt the surgery to restore natural hair permanently. Hair transplant procedure is always a permanent feature with almost 100% success rate. The permanence of this method is one of the reasons because of which millions of victims have preferred hair transplant as the only robust solution for their hair loss.

The hair transplant surgery is a simple procedure in which hair extracted from donor site are carefully moved into the recipient area where the new hair grow naturally and permanently. Hair to be transplanted are taken from individual’s body. Tissues of the donor and recipient sites match leading to everlasting restoration of hair. Moreover, the transplanted hair are resistant to DHT hormone that is the culprit behind hair loss; therefore, they will not get thin or shed in the future resulting in permanently growing natural hair.

Hair transplantation is not merely confined to surgery sessions, but maintenance and post-operative care must also be taken to ensure natural and permanent outgrowths without any chances of risks and side effects. The surgeon prescribed the medications to maintain the non-DHT resistant hair depending on the stage and the classification of hair loss. Minoxidil or Propecia is prescribed to improve hair re-growth that also assists in slowing down or stopping the future hair loss. Whatever the reason and type of your hair loss are, hair transplantation can do wonders for you by providing you with the head full of lustrous hair. Get rid of artificial and temporary solutions and restore a sense of self-confidence with permanent regain of lost hair by going for the hair transplantation.